Basic Informations

Situation: Between latitudes 8 degrees and 23 degrees north of the equator

Area: 1,886,068 km2

Population: 30,894,000

Faith: Islam, Christianity and Ancient creeds

Language: Arabic, English and local dialects

System: Presidential Republic

Administrative divisions: 15 States

Natural Resources and Wealth

Arable area: 300 Million feddans liable to increase to 400 million feddans.

Water resources: rains, rivers and subterranean water.

Climate: Desert and semi-desert in the north, Savannah in the centre and Equatorial in the South.

Forests: cover over 40 percent of the country’s entire area.

Natural pastures: Vast areas of natural pasture upon which the national herd feeds.

Animal Wealth: 140 million heads of cattle (cows, camels, sheep, goats and horse species).

Fisheries: abundant fish wealth of which only 30 percent is tapped.

Petroleum: Self-sufficient and oil-exporting country.

Mineral resources: A variety of minerals yet unexploited.

System of Governance

Sudan is a democratic republic governed through a federal Presidential system where an executive body lead by an elected Head of State who is simultaneously Head of Government and the Commander in Chief of the armed forces is in charge. The bicameral National Legislature is composed of the two chambers, the Council of States and the National Assembly. These chambers constitute the 500-elected member parliament.



Omer Hassan Ahmed El-Bashir President of the Republic
Ali Osman Mohamed Taha First Vice President of the Republic
Al Haj Adam Vice President of the Republic

Federal Ministers


The Ministry

First Lieu. General S.G Bakri Hassan Saleh

Minister of the Presidency Affairs

Mr. Ahmed Saad Omar Khadr

Minister of the Council of Ministers

First Lieu. G. Eng. Abdulrahim Mohammed Hussein

Minister of National Defense

Mr. Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamed

Minister of Interior

Mr. Ali Ahmed Karti

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Mohammed Bushara Dousa

Minister of Justice

Dr. Ahmed Belal Osman

Minister of Culture & Information

Mr. Ali Mahmoud Abdul-Rasool

Minster of Finance & National Economy

Dr. Abdul Halim Ismail Al-Mutafi

Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation

Dr. Abdul Wahab Mohammed Osman

Minister of Industry

Dr. Awad Ahmed Al- Jaz

Minister of Oil

Osman Omer Ali Al Shareef

Minister of Commerce

Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim

Animal & Fishery Resources and Pastures

Mr. Osama Abdalla Mohamed Al - Hassan

Minister of Water Resources & Electricity

Dr. Ahmed Babiker Nahar

Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges

Mr. Kamal Abdul-Latif Abdul-Rahim

Minister of Minerals

Mrs. Su’ad Abdel Razik Mohamed Saeed

Minister of Public Education

Mr.Dr. Khames Kajo Kundah

Minister of High Education & Scientific Research


Minister of Guidance and Endowments

Ustaza\ Amira Al- Fadil Mohamed Ahmed

Minster of Welfare & Social Security

Mrs. Ishraqa Sied

Minister of Human Resources Development & Labor

Mr. Al-Fatih Tag-Alsir Abdullah

Minister of Youth And Sports

Dr. Hassan Abdel Qader Hilal

Minister of Environment, forestry & PhysicalDevelopment

Mr. Bahar Idris Abu Gardah

Minister of Health

Mr. Eissa Bashari Mohamed

Minister of Science & Communications

Mr. Mohamed Abdul Kareem Al Hadd

Minister of Tourism, Antiquities& Tourism Wildlife

Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail Minister of Investment
Dr. Hasbou Mohamed Abdullah Minister Federal Governance


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