Hilde Johnson’s South Sudan Anniversary Article

Date: 11/07/2013
Khalid Al Mubarak
I saw Hilde Johnson for the first time in Oslo in 05 during the International Donors’ Conference in which $Billions were promised (but never delivered!) to help rebuild South Sudan and make the unity of the whole Sudan attractive.

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Controversy at The Sudanese Programme – St. Antony’s College – Oxford

One of the most discredited and Far-Right Evangelical fundamentalist groups has managed to secure a foothold in academia.  The ten-year old Sudanese Programme at St. Antony’s College accepted partnership with the leading anti-Sudan religious “crusaders” for a symposium entitled “The Future of the Religious Minorities in the Middle East, North Africa and the Two Sudans”.  The two-day event 7 – 8 June 2013 was not well attended, perhaps because of the heavy-handed manner in which previous events were run.

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The Sudan Reacts. Oil Policy as Self-defence

One of the most unfortunate analogies in comments about the two Sudans was made by J. Temin of the US Institute of Peace as part of the orchestrated campaign that aimed at stoking the flames of strife and conflict, despite the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 05 and its peaceful implementation (including the secession of the South).  J. Temin wrote: “Amputation is no cure for cancer”. He argued that secession of the South and the end of the civil war were not necessarily a recipe for peace and stability in the Sudan.  Medical references tell us that his cancer statement is not accurate.  Many (including celebrities involved in anti-Sudan advocacy like Angelina Jolie) resort to different forms of surgical procedures and are hopeful of a long and healthy life.

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Press Release: Southern Kordofan Crimes Against Humanity – Again?

pr.logoSouthern Kordofan

Crimes Against Humanity – Again?

One of the most intriguing attitudes of the West towards the Rest (of humanity) is the way in which judgements of astroturf organisations (unelected, unaccountable) are elevated to unequivocal truths. A famous full-time anti-Sudanese activist lost his job at the International Crisis Group, got enough funds to establish another less venerable organisation and after rubbing shoulders with the G.W. Bush White House is now listened to respectfully at the Barack Obama White House. There are differences between Democrats and Republican in many respects; but they seem to observe a faultless bipartisanism vis a vis some policies towards The Rest.

An example that illustrates this is a hasty analysis by the Horn of Africa Project Director for the (ICG) International Crisis Group (who to be fair to him has in the past made some quite shrewd in-depth remarks) about the fighting in Abyei and Southern Kordofan. He argued on 5 July that the majority ruling party in Khartoum was merely pushing to the maximum in trying to gain a better position in negotiations: "I think that is what happened in the recent fighting in Kordofan and also the decision by the North to take Abyei." His words were soon taken up and repeated by many who consider the International Crisis Group the knowledgeable eyes and ears of the West in all matters relating to the Rest.

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