Exporters Chamber Promises to Export 250 Tons of Sesame This Year

Khartoum - Chamber of Exporters at the Chambers of Commerce Union expects export of 250 thousand tons of sesame crop this year with a profitable return of at least $500 million.

Secretary General of the Exporters Chamber, Khalid Al-Magboul said, in a statement to Sudan Vision yesterday, that this year's season is different from the other seasons. He added that the current year export will have a positive impact in light of the decline that has occurred on the local currency against the high price of the dollar. He expected that oilseeds export will be a quantum leap in the light of inflation.

He emphasized that this abundant of production will help in decreasing oilseeds prices for Sudanese citizens.
Al-Magboul stressed that the decision makers have become fully aware of the importance of exports, especially oilseeds after the first world conference for the production and marketing of oilseeds. He said the main objective of the conference is to benefit from other countries experiences, which has become a competitor for Sudan due to stimulus policies to the productive sectors, as India and China experience in this field. He explained that the fall of this year will have high productivity for other crops, particularly corn.

By Shadia Basheri

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